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Liquid Crystal is an electronic composer from Russia. His own music is a mixture of chillout, dub, psydub, psychedelic, Middle Eastern and Eastern European music, and Indian ethnic sounds.

Liquid Crystal’s tunes — it’s a morning rhythm mixed with the magic oriental music and smooth basslines.

Liquid Crystal — Sasha Shilov — released two albums on the Russian label Mystic Sound Records, have several tracks released on the Visionary Shamanics’s compilations. The new album is planned within 2020 together with guitarist Stephan Sheglov.

Liquid Crystal’s music — it’s a light positive tune and charming vibe both in clubs and at festivals, from the stylistic club scenes of “Brooklyn”, “Pravda” and “Vermel” in Russia to the underground scene of the “Besarabia” bar and the “Duplex” club in Israel.